Arianna Nimcocks, Garden Manager

Finding the BELL Garden in July of 2020 was one of the biggest blessings of that year. In the midst of stark Covid isolation and remote work, I stumbled upon an oasis. In this verdant, life-filled garden, I had the opportunity to grow food for the community, spend time outdoors, and meet the most incredible, unique, and friendly people. I couldn’t believe a place like this existed within a big city. From the first day I volunteered, I knew I wanted to keep giving my time to this special place, and have volunteered weekly ever since.

Working in the Garden alongside other volunteers, I’ve heard amazing life stories while weeding and laughed as we swap embarrassing middle school stories while transplanting strawberries. I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by strong women who teach me how to be bold and navigate difficult situations. I’ve been given invaluable life advice about doing what you love in life. This deep community spills out beyond the fence line of the Garden – I’ve cheered on volunteers at their concerts, caravan-ed to off-the-beaten-path country cafes with other volunteers to enjoy lunch after the Saturday morning workday, gotten to hold volunteers’ grandbabies, and read their own published books. These people have become my family.

I believe that it is in giving that we receive. Giving my time to the BELL Garden has given me more than I ever could have hoped for in a community garden.

In addition to co-managing the raised beds, herb garden and vertical garden, Arianna has also obtained funding and is helping lead a new educational hydroponics project at the Garden. She currently works at The Nashville Food Project (TNFP), a local nonprofit, as a Meals Coordinator. When not at TNFP or volunteering with BELL, you can find her at a local coffee shop reading or journaling, walking or running through one of the Warner parks, or enjoying quality time and conversations with friends.

Arianna Nimcocks