Officers & Executive Committee

Melissa Hamilton, President
Deborah Stillwell, Vice President
Rachel Allensworth, Treasurer
Robert Allensworth, Secretary


Renee Anzalone
Charles Darby
Keith W. Hyman
Desiree Johnson
Flossie Maxwell, Past President
Chuck Naab
Pat Ramey
Ethelynel Williams
Gail Wilson

Garden Manager – Part Time Contractor

(Ex Officio – Non Voting)

Christina Crawford, Manager

Advisory Board (Ex Officio – Non-Voting)

Bob Allen, Director (deceased)
Nan J. Cowan, Past President
Leesa Leclaire, Past President

Clyde Ramey, Past President

Bellevue Prep IB (International Baccalaureate)

World School (Ex Officio)
Dr. Seth Swihart, Principal
Dr. Susan Carter, Asst Principal

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